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Ferias Internacionales de Taiwán

FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/01/17 ~ 2019/01/21

Wine & Spirits, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Confections & Biscuits, Health Food & Leisure Food, Frozen Prepared Food, Dairy Products, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Seafood, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Baked Food, Groceries, Gifts and Souvenirs, Specialty Products, Lunar New Year Dishes, New Year Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Consumer Electronics & Electrical Products, and much more.

FERIA : Taipei International Machine Tool Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/03/04 ~ 2019/03/09

CNC machine tools,metal cutting machines,metal forming machines,foundry,forging,...

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Cycle Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/03/27 ~ 2019/03/30

Complete Bicycles, Bicycle Parts & Accessories, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), Smart Cycling Device, Cycling Clothes & Accessories.

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Sporting Goods Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/03/28 ~ 2019/03/30

Fitness Equipment, Smart Sports, Training Programs, Wearable Devices, Outdoor, Running, Ball Sports, Massage, Skatting, Boxing, Racket Sports, Camping Supplies, Protective Gear

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Gift & Stationery Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/04/18 ~ 2019/04/21

Gift & Stationery, Promotional Items, Holiday Decorations, Stationery & Art Supplies, School & Office Supplies, Art & Crafts, Houseware & Home Living, Toys & Children''s Articles, Bags, Jewelry & Accessories and Brand Licensing.

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Auto Parts & Accessories Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/04/24 ~ 2019/04/27

Automobiles Parts, Lamps and Application of LEDs, Engine Parts, Electrical Parts for Engine, Power Train System, Steering, Brake and Brake Control Systems, Automobile Frame and Parts, Suspension and Chassis Systems, Customized Performance Auto Parts, Pneumatic Tires & Tubes, Auto Repair Tools, Car Care Products, etc.

FERIA : Taiwan International Tuning & Car Care Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/04/25 ~ 2019/04/28

2019 Taiwan International Tuning & Car Care Show features tuned cars, tuned motors, car painting/decoration, tuning accessories, equipment and tools, car tuning service providers/chains, car/motor repair and service providers/chains, car/motor spray paint, coating and repair products, automotive maintenance, and car care products etc..

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l Motorcycle Industry Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/04/25 ~ 2019/04/28

Motorcycles & ATV, UTV, Heavy Duty Motorcycle, Scooters, Engines and Parts, Motorcycle Frames, Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, Motorcyclists'' Accessories, Customized Bikes and Accessories, Noise, Emission Inspection Equipment, Maintenance Equipment, Components and Accessories Manufacturing Equipment, Customized Bikes& Accessories

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l Lighting Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/05/08 ~ 2019/05/10

Lighting Integration, Lighting Design, Home/Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Lighting for Kitchen & Furniture, Plant Factory & Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Special Lighting, Health Care and Institutional Lighting, Medical, Cosmetic and Beauty Lighting, Building Material & Lighting Applications, Neon/Light Boxes, Lighting Accessory...

FERIA : TAIWAN EXPO 2019 in India
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/05/16 ~ 2019/05/18

The ASEAN Taiwan Expo takes you on a journey to Taiwan giving you an unique opportunity to experience hundreds of innovative technology, healthcare methods, tasty food and creative goods for beauty, home and outdoor.

FERIA : Discover Advanced Trends in E-commerce
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/05/29 ~ 2019/05/31

Cross Border & E-tailing, Social Media & Digital Marketing, M Commerce, Fintech, Logistics, Big Data, Startups

FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Edible Oils, Dairy Products, Frozen Prepared Food, Baked Food, Canned Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Ice Cream, HALAL Food

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Food Processing & Bio/Pharm. Machinery Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

Food processing/Baking equipment and components, Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical processing machinery and components, Packaging related equipment for Food/Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry and components, CAD&CAM analysis and testing instruments, AI robots and components, Food/Biotechnology whole plant equipment, Drinking water/Waste treatment/Disinfection equipment...

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

Food Processing & Preparation Machinery, Beverage Processing & Preparation Machinery, Hotel & Restaurant Catering Equipment & Accessories, Food Industry Disposal & Sanitation Equipment, Tableware & Kitchenware, Electrical Household Appliances, Restaurant POS / Ordering System, Seasonings & Condiments, Laundry Equipment/Chemical Agents, Bakery Equipment, Food Packing Machinery

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Packaging Industry Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

Packaging Machinery & Materials, Packaging Plant Systems, Filling/ Sealing/ Weighing Machinery, Printing Machinery, Food & Pharmaceuticals Packaging Machinery, Shrink Packaging Machines, Bag Making Machinery, Material Control Equipment, Vacuum Packaging Machines, Conveyors/ Warehouse/ Logistics, Paper & Cardboard Containers, Tapes/ Plastic Film/ Pallets.

FERIA : Taipei Int''l Food Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Preserved Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, Meat & Processed Meat Products, Edible Oils, Dairy Products, Organic and Vegetarian Food, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Baked Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery, Ice Cream.

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l HALAL Expo
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/19 ~ 2019/06/22

All Halal Certified Products

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l Medical & Healthcare Exhibition
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/06/27 ~ 2019/06/30

Electromedical Equipment, Biotechnology Equipment, Medical Services, Hospital & Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, Single-use Item, Dental/Orthopedic/Ophthalmic Equipment, Rehabilitation Equipment, Mobility Aids, Health Care Products, Manufacturing Equipment, Parts/Accessories and Materials、Medical Technology and IoT Applications.

FERIA : Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/08/15 ~ 2019/08/17

Defense Industry Equipment & Technology, Aircraft Industry Technologies and Maintenance, Aerospace Electronics and Instruments, Aircraft Components and Parts, Wireless or Satellite Communication, Aerial Photography Equipment, Navigation Systems, Machine Tool and Accessories for Aerospace Industry, Flight Training

FERIA : Taiwan Int''l Plastics, Rubber & Composites Show
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/08/21 ~ 2019/08/24

Petrochemical Raw Materials and Products, Plastics, Rubber & Composites Raw Materials & Processing Machines, Auxiliary Equipment, Molds & Accessories, Molds Manufacturing Equipment, Finished Products and Application of Plastics, Rubber & Composites, etc.

FERIA : Energy Taiwan
FECHA DE LA FERIA : 2019/10/16 ~ 2019/10/18

PV Materials, Silicon Wafers, Ingots, Solar Cells, PV Modules, BIPV, PV Power Generator Systems, HCPV, DSSC, Processing Equipment, Evaluation, Testing, Analysis, Solar Application Products, Storage Batteries, Storage Systems, Solar Thermal Products, Solar Systems, Hybrid Vehicles, Fuel Saving Mobiles, Fuel Saving Motorcycles, Hybrid Vehicles Accessories, Fuel Saving Mobiles Accessories

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